Well hello there, world!

Hi! My name is Jeet. I’m a successful makeup artist in the Northern VA area and wanted to start this blog to branch off of my work and incorporate more of my personal life and hobbies into one chaotic yet cohesive creative space. My business IG (Glam by Jeet) showcases all of my work and growth over the last few years but you’ll quickly see that it’s all about my amazing clients – and I want to keep it that way. Each and every client has helped me reach my personal and business goals and I’ll be forever indebted to their love and support ❀

I want this blog to be about me without distracting from my client’s makeovers. Here, you’ll find MY makeovers, selfies, ramblings, recipes, business (not-so-secret)secrets, favorite skincare and beauty products and style advice. I love shopping and eating, trying different makeup and being involved in my daughter’s life outside of school lol. I was a professional nerd for the first 22 years of my life and am done w everything academic that caused me years of having no life, stress, lack of social skills… the list goes on- but sometimes academic things catch my interest and maybe I’ll talk about them here. These days, I work like a horse to make clients feel gorgeous, and in my spare time- daydream that I’m an Indian unicorn in a sea of political zombies in the DC Area. Blehhh.

I’m trying to catch up w the young girls that are ruling the internet with stunning, minute long HD IG videos but I have SUCH a long way to go. I’ll try to get into the YouTube and video scene as soon as I get my act together. Some of you searching for authentic Punjabi recipes (or at least authentic to my family) may get lucky and find some footage here that’ll help get your kitchen game a little further than it is right now. I’ll get there I promise. Thank you for your patience.


Please feel free to say hi, ask any questions and even drop some rancid hate lol. I welcome any and all attention and am an open book. I’ve been a little rebel my whole life (sorry mom and pop) and post a lot of half naked gorgeous ladies on my business page because boudoir photography hairstyling and makeup has become my speciality over the years – and thankfully so! Every client starts off completely discouraged, nervous and insecure about their face and body. By the end of my hair/makeup session they’re feeling fabulous and ready to take on anything and everything- I don’t think there’s anything better in the whole world than being able to live that experience w other women over and over and over again. I encourage behavior that makes some people clutch their pearls πŸ™‚

ave me a comment if you'd like to know anything else! Thanks for reading!

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